Excellent - 3 Stars by NY Times

  Experience having a three star chef providing foods from all over the world prepared for your guests in the setting of your home  -  that is my quest - that is the gift which I love to share.    

My name is Joseph Cizynski.  I am the former chef/owner of Cafe du Bec Fin located in Old Greenwich, CT.   Over the past 30 years I have enjoyed feeding family, friends and friends of friends.  I have hosted the Mondavis', the Krug's  and the family of Domaine Dujac along with many other Chateau owners throughout the world who enjoyed dining on my foods as we all enjoyed their wines!

My style of cooking is to use high quality ingredients and handle them in a minimalist way so that the flavors speak for themselves.   

 I now invite you and others to enjoy  planning themes, creating a menu, matching wines and entertain at home  without any stress at all!   

See you soon.



Joseph Cizynski