Sample Entrees

Poultry and Game

Roast chicken with pancetta, rosemary and orange

Roast duck with huckleberries

Confit of duck with apple and pear chutney

Roast rabbit with figs and fennel/pears/endive

Roast venison with red wine and roasted shallots

Coq au vin with truffled noodles

Roast duck a l'orange

Marinated grilled pouisson with seasonal vegetables

Pheasant with smoked sweetbread and chestnut stuffing

Roasted Capon with chanterelles


Filet of beef with black currants

Loin of pork filled with roasted peppers, Provence oilves and Swiss chard

Roast leg of lamb with mustard and green peppercorn sauce

Grilled marinated tenderloin of veal with grilled stone fruits

Osso bucco with Gremolta and vegetable sauce

Rib eye steak with brandy and foie gras

Veal chops with walnuts and gorgonzola sauce

Roast rack of lamb with sun-dried tomatoes and Provence olives


Halibut with oysters and watercress

Head-onshrimp and Diver scallops and crabmeat butter sauce

Poached Scandinavian salmon with lemon, capers and tomatoes

Roast Chatham cod with smoked ratatouille and red zinfandel sauce

Skate with brown butter sauce and sauteed cucumbers

Swordfish Provencale

Striped bass with fennel, roasted garlic and lobster sauce

Lobster, scallop and shrimp ragout with baby vegetables in puff pastry